About Kuhrman Technology Solutions LLC

Who We Are

Kuhrman Technology Solutions LLC (KTS) is a family-owned, professional services company located in Evanston, Illinois, a lake-front suburb of Chicago.

Who We Serve

KTS serves small and medium size businesses and organizations in the Chicago metropolitan area.

What We Do

KTS is a design/build technology consulting firm with a primary focus on software for monitoring and control of solar energy systems. KTS owns and operates the jongula.com brand of solar energy products designed for educators, hobbyists and technology enthusiasts. KTS is a charter sponsor of the open-source solar energy initiative barzensuit.org.

KTS helps clients plan, design, develop, deploy and maintain business information systems built around Gnu/Linux and other free (*) software alternatives to proprietary commercial products.

(*) "Free" as in "freedom", not "free beer" - see https://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw.html

Our Mission

KTS is is driven to provide our clients with the best available technology products which at once serve their business purpose, respect their freedom of choice and protect their right to privacy. We strive for the highest achievable levels of security, quality and transparency in every product we sell. We value honesty, hard work, innovation and diversity. We sustain our endeavor by making our business profitable for owners, partners and employees.